Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sentence per picture and I'm really good at blogging

I am about, oh, 2 weeks behind on updating my blog.  Woopsie :) Working full time at a busy law firm, planning our out of town wedding that's just 2 months away and focusing on the end of marathon training has made things pretty hectic and  I honestly was lucky to find time to eat and (try to get proper) sleep the past 2 weeks.  If you follow me on the 'gram (and if you don't, you should! thelittlerunnergirl) you know I ran the New Jersey Marathon this past Sunday!  I'll do a race recap of that tomorrow, I promise!  But for now, sentence per picture on all the happenings.....

Had a last training run with @mellank 

On Friday, April 15th we did our food tasting at the Boston Yacht Club.

We drove to Tyler's sister and BIL's house that afternoon and got to spend the whole weekend with them and this little beauty!(she's our flower girl too!)
I ran the BAA 5K Saturday Morning
And PR'd with a 22:08 (splits were 6:52, 7:14, 7:11)
Visited the Boston Marathon Expo...and snagged some goodies

Had my first wedding dress fitting later that day
Did lots of wedding errands the rest of the weekend, including my hair and makeup trial and seeing our flowers!
When we finally got home Sunday night, we were all exhausted
I had Marathon Monday off, so I purchased the Universal Sports Channel to watch the marathon (and then went for a run)
And finally had my last run of NJ marathon training

Thanks for making it through all the pictures!  Let's face it though, the pictures really are the best part!! If you want to read about my NJ marathon experience, check back tomorrow!!

Happy running :)


  1. Don't return the box!!! You deserve whatever is in it!!!!

  2. Haha, I'm not. I'm saving it :) Love you Mom!