Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thinking out Loud!

Happy Thursday Everyone!! It’s really happy for me because I have Friday AND Monday off.  ((happy dance)) Because I have very little room in my brain right now, I’m joining running with spoons Thinking Out Loud link up! Thanks for hosting!!

I. ) Avocado on anything makes me happy.  Especially Ezekiel sesame breadbread toasted with avocado and pink Himalayan sea salt.  And when avocados are perfectly perfect, my day is made. It's a deep love.

II.) We’re heading to Boston this weekend for lots wedding and running related things and I am SUPER excited it!  I’m running the B.A.A. 5k Saturday morning, meeting up with runner friend from college (who is also running Ragnar Cape Cod with me in 3 weeks! Hi Dana!), attending a Oiselle dinner Sunday night and cheering at the top of my lungs with some flock mates on Marathon Monday!

III.)  I’m tapering and allllll I want to do is whine about how everything hurts and dream about sweets, pizza and waffle fries with cheese sauce.  One week to go…I can do it!

IV.) I have my sights set high for my upcoming marathon (next Sunday!) and there is something in this box I will reward myself with if I get my BQ.  If not, it goes back and you will never know what is in here.  That sounds horrible, I know. 


V. ) Have you ever heard of or used the JackDaniels VDot running calculator?
    “The calculator is driven by Jack's world-famous running formulas and allows you to quickly calculate the appropriate training paces for various workouts necessary to help you reach your goals. The calculator also provides equivalent race performances. For instance, if you ran 43:36 for 10k, it will tell you that the equivalent performance for the marathon is 3:21. This allows you to establish what your goal time should be for other distances.
I use it whenever I’m doing speed work because me + math=disaster!

VI.)  We’re heading to Marblehead tomorrow and I cannot wait to smell the ocean.  Our wedding ceremony and reception are here and I am prayyyyying for beautiful weather that entire weekend! I've suffered the entire winter with very minimal complaints, so the weather gods owe me!

VII.) And this video because my dog is cute. J


 Do you have any fun plans this weekend? 

Who’s racing this weekend? Any long run plans?

Boston marathon runners?  BAA 5K Runners?  This is my first time spectating at the marathon and first time running the 5k, I am so excited!

I have so much going on this weekend, I doubt I’ll be blogging at all, but you can follow me on Instagram ( Thelittlerunnergirl)! Good luck to everyone racing! 

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