Tuesday, May 26, 2015

How to Stay-cation a la The Little Runner Girl (that's me)

Hey guys!! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend filled with lots of fun stuff!! We had a great weekend home! We stay-cationed and it was glorious.  

I didn’t end up doing a ‘Week in Review’ because time and the weekend got away from me! Here’s a few pictures from last week!

Had my first group run with Nark Running Strategies on Monday!

Tyler and I are OFFICIALLY intended to be married on Wednesday.

Had my first strength training class (still sore), did an 8 mile Fartlek run, with the last 3.5 miles at the Corporate Challenge on Thursday.

Now, back to our long weekend!!  This is how you stay-cation—al la The Little Runner Girl
Day 1:
You sleep in and go to coffee houses.

You go for your run at noon (it wasn't too hot, otherwise maybe not ideal). [10 miles-8:39 pace, but probably faster because I stopped to take pictures of ducks for 3-5 minutes and didn't stop my watch]

And stop to take 75 pictures of the baby ducks.

You drink Rose Spritzers at 3 p.m.

Your fiancé makes you dinner because he's the greatest

Day 2:
You spontaneously drive up the Adirondack’s for the day and spend it with friends

And stop for bacon donuts on the way

And do your long run at noon, again. [ 3 recovery miles--7:53 pace. woops]

You kayak, lay in the sun, day drink, eat clams, make a bonfire and treat yo self!

Day 3:
Sleep in, relax on the couch while writing a blog post and filling out random wedding related forms.

You go for a run at noon...AGAIN! (because you get to sleep in!) (5 miles--8:07 pace and wanky hip)

And you finish  the weekend by celebrating your best friends engagement!

We had such a fun weekend and I am so bummed it’s over.  However, it’s already Tuesday and this weekend is my bachelorette party!

I hope you all have a fantastic week!!! If you made it through this whole post, congrats! I tend to make these pretty long J
Happy running! xo

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