Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday Miles

It’s MONDAY people!! Hope all of you had a great weekend! We did! FUN FACT—Only 5 more Monday’s as a DiGrigoli.  So weird. 

Also, I know pretty much everyone who’s working and/or in school has a 3 day weekend coming up and I am PUMPED about that!!! We are just a month and 2 days away from our wedding day and I haven’t yet faced all the small details and things to buy that are still on my to do list.  WE HAVE TIME!  Okay, no, not really all that much time.  It will get done! 

My running has been easy and I’ve just been doing whatever I feel like:

Monday : 6.47 miles - - 8:32/mi pace
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Off (( I was extremely exhausted this day ))
Thursday: 3 miles during lunch- - 7:46/mi pace
Friday: Off
Saturday: 5 miles - - 8:25/mi pace

If you read my last post, you saw that I joined Nark Running Strategies and the Plaza Fitness run team.  I am so so excited and it’s already helped me out a bunch.  I met with my coach Friday to go over my plan and the year ahead.  Last year,  I started  training for a half marathon in February, ran my first race in March and didn’t stop racing or training until about November.  I never really had much downtime.   Mat, my coach, advised me that this is the time for recovery, to not run any races in May, to make sure my runs have a purpose and I’m not just running crap miles to run the miles.  Which is what I’d be doing.  I’d be out running 5k’s to half marathons and just running miles to reach a certain number each month.  That is not how you become a better runner.  Quality over quantity. Right now, I am enjoying the easy runs and knowing that come June when I start my fall marathon training, my body will be rested and ready to work towards my goals.  I’m also enjoying not having the pressure of racing and training and to spend some much needed time with my fiancé, our dogs, family and friends!
My coach posted this article today which is worth a read!!!! 

This was the first weekend where we had ZERO plans.  We tried to keep it that way all week too.   We relaxed at home, took the dogs for some nice, long walks, watched ‘The Gambler’ (so good!!), ordered in and hung out with friends and family!  It was just what I/we needed after 4 weekends in a row of being away from home.  I finally met up with my friend Kristin at The Point to celebrate our NJ Marathon finish and catch up on life and running! Running friends are so great!
Wednesday nights are willllld.  Wine, my dog and my Believe training journal
Shogun craziness on Friday
1 monthish to go!!! I ordered this from Etsy 
Drinks around the fire with friends on Saturday!
Sunday I met up with my family at The Crossings in Albany to participate in the Arthritis walk . We do this every year to support my cousin who has juvenile arthritis.
5k walk!
Played some "ultimate Frisbee" with my cousin
At mile 2 we found my grandfather playing some drums.

Sunday was seriously beautiful
And then we ended our day napping and reading in our hammock. 

I hope your week and weekend were fun and relaxing!!! Enjoy your week everyone!

What was your favorite thing you did this weekend?

Did you race? 

Long run? 

happy running! Xo

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