Monday, May 4, 2015

One Simple Sentence (or 2) and Lots of Pictures

Weekends. They go by way way too fast and I'm always sad when they have to end.  Especially now that it's so beautiful out! Le sigh. My vote is for 3 day weekends instead of just two in the spring and summer.  My weekend was full of lots of fun and spending time with family and friends, the perfect way to spend a weekend if you ask me!  Here's a little bit of what I did this weekend...sentence per picture style!
Spent all day Saturday at Nichole's shower with these beauties!

The shower was so gorgeous and I am so excited to be a part of this girls special and amazing day!

I got home Saturday night and was exhausted.  There are no pictures to document me spending my night with our dogs watching tv, but this is how it felt.

My mom stopped over Sunday morning to bring lots of fun wedding things (thank you mom! You are the greatest and I love you!!!)  We got coffee and took Tucker for a walk in the park . 

After my mom left, I met my best friend/ MOH for brunch at Umana. ( Sadly I was so ravenous I didn't snap a picture of either of our meals, but they were both delicious! )
I had the pork belly omelet and Mandy had the fish tacos.

Went for a 4.5 mile run after brunch.
1 week post marathon--7:58 average pace

Spent extra time foam rolling and stretching...with beer 

Figured it's time to upgrade my belt holder that I'm hanging all my medals and bibs on to an actual medal and bib holder.

And then while Tyler and I ate dinner and watched a movie, I analyzed my splits(again) from the NJ marathon and still feel a little proud/surprised at how consistent they were and how well my legs were holding up.  Must be why my legs were pretty sore alllll last week.

That's all my friends! I have a lot of work to barrel through before I leave Thursday morning for Cape Cod!! 

Happy running :) 

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