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Okay. Let's start at the very beginning (a very good place to start.  Are you signing this song in your head right now? I am. )

Ragnar ADK was the last weekend in September.  By October 8th, our awesome team captain Kristin already had some houses picked out and by November 1st, our team was registered.  Team 'Docks to Dacks?! I thought it was Drinks and Snacks' was ready for an epic 200 mile adventure from Hull, MA to Provincetown, MA ( it was actually more like 649 miles for some team members who were coming from Rochester and 400+ miles for those of us coming from Albany).  Most of us are also running ADK again in the fall, FOR THE DOUBLE MEDAL, hence the name 'Docks to Dacks'.

What is the double medal you ask?!  
As a reward for participants who double-down on the Ragnar lifestyle, we present our Double Medals. This special series of combos is your reward for participating in specific Ragnars in the same calendar year."  source 
I know, it's awesome. 

 Since Ragnar starts on a Friday morning and ends sometime in the afternoon on Saturday, we all went out Thursday night and stayed until Sunday morning.  I think each person paid a total of $140 for the house, plus $12 per person for a cleaning fee, so we didn't have to before leaving Sunday morning.  That was probably the best $12 I have ever spent!  Renting the house was so much cheaper than having to book hotel rooms for 3 nights and also meant that we'd all get to stay together!   The house we booked was in Centerville, MA (we rented it from VRBO0 and was right in the middle of everything.  It was 45 minutes from the start in Hull, 45 min from the first major exchange in Duxbury,  and 50 minutes from the finish in Provincetown.  It was the perfect location!!  Like I said, having a great team captain is KEY.  THANK YOU KRISTIN!!!  She put in tons and tons of time and effort into finding the house, communicating with all of us, making spreadsheets, ordering our shirts, finding new team members when some dropped out.  She was fantastic.  because of the location of our house, we were able to come back to the house after our first leg to eat, shower and rest before heading back out and that was a welcome relief.  Having the house in that location also meant that we didn't have bring all of our belongings with us( 6 people with 6 bags can take up A LOT of space). We left the house in whatever we were planning on running in, a sweatshirt/pants and one change of  clothes for our last leg.  We had so much room and it was awesome.  We did all forget to bring sleeping bags and we didn't make it back to the house in between our 2nd and last leg, so random car sleeping and gym floor sleeping sort of happened. ( I crashed so hard and had a pretty decent 45 minute-hour long awkward car sleeping thing)

I wasn't really sure how I would do running wise, honestly.  My marathon was 10 days before and I wasn't sure that was enough time to properly recover AND be able to push myself without proper recovery time in between.  I'm not one of those people that can bounce right back.   Not to mention my first leg was 12.8 very hilly, very hard miles( at 5:00 in the afternoon). I'll go more into that later on.

I felt so unprepared this time around.  I had been so busy with marathon training, wedding, wedding showers, work, our 8 year anniversary dinner, dinner with my mom for Mother's Day that I had nothing done.  No food shopping, no laundry, no packing.  I packed Thursday morning before Mike picked me up and because we had the house and I could figure everything out there, I just packed everything I owned.
There were 3 other bags.
Mike and I were the only ones coming from Albany and he picked up our rental at the Albany Airport and grabbed me around noon.  We rented a Nissan Armada that had 3 rows or seats.
Almost there!
Before we even got to the house, we made a  pit stop at Cape Cod Beer.  We did a tasting for $5.  Five beers for $5 and you got to keep the cool little glass!

We finished up and headed to the house about a 10 minute drive away.  When we got there most our team from Rochester was just getting there.  The house was right on Wequaquet Lake and had plenty of room for all 12 of us.  It was so beautiful and better than I imagined! 

We waited for a few more people and then headed to Whole Foods and the 'package store' for the necessities...

 and than headed out to dinner at a local pub called Bobby Byrne's.  The menu was big enough that we could all find something we could enjoy.  The food was good and it was so nice to finally sit down and catch up with everyone! 

Chopped romaine lettuce tossed with chipotle-tomato vinaigrette and topped with cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes, onions, black olives, Served with guacamole, salsa, tortilla chips, Fajita Chicken, Peppers & Onions

We headed back to the house and waited for the last 3 team members to arrive.  One of our team members got injured last minute and she honestly could barely walk without pain.  She was a freaking trooper though and still came and ran as much of her legs as she could.  That also meant that we had to make a new plan and switch around some legs and distances to make sure  we were covered.   Van one needed to be up and on their way to the start by 6:00 am.  Out team had an 8:15 am start time, but you need to check in, go through a safety briefing, get shirts, flags, check safety gear, etc.  We all headed to bed eager for the following morning!  Once they were on their way the next morning, we got ourselves organized and decorated our car.

A 'kill' is someone you pass while running.  

We loaded up the car, took our first 'Van 2' team photo and headed to the first major exchange!
Ethan, Kristin (team captain), Eric, Mike, Me and Dana
Exchange 6 at Duxbury beach.

We checked in, watched a safety video, gathered our goods, checked out some vendors and got back in the car.  It was so windy and cold and none of us were prepared.  It was HOT at our house, but being right on the ocean made it super cold.  We met up with Van 1
we were excited

 waited for Anna to come in and sent Mike on his way for his first leg (9.8 miles) where he ran over Powder Point Bridge and into Plymouth.  

Anna-Mike hand-off

We took a quick team picture-minus Mike- and headed to our next exchange!

I'll pick up here tomorrow with lots more fun!! Happy Wednesday internet friends!

Happy Running! xo

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