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I'm not sure I'll be able to fit everyyyything in this one post, but maybe if I do it with a couple sentences per picture, we can make it happen.  We'll see.
Picking up where we left. Mike was off at around 2:00 pm Friday afternoon. We left Van 1 and headed to our next exchange.  ((There are 36 exchanges throughout the race, 6 major ones where both vans meet up and that's where you'll find places to sleep, eat, shower, etc))
You're literally just hanging out on the side of roads.  Lots of weird looks from people who have NO IDEA what is going on
Kristin was off and so were we!  We sent Eric off at the next exchange (where he had 25 kills) and then I was up for my first leg, around 4:45 pm.

Leg 10 | 12.80 Miles | Very Hard

Before I was off and running.

We got to the next exchange where I'd take off.  It was so cold by the water and Eric was already coming down the road before I could think about what I really wanted to wear, or if I wanted to run with my water bottle or phone for music.  I just took off!  .5 miles in I was already wicked hot.  There was 'limited van support' on this leg and I was hoping I'd see our van to ditch my shirt and grab water, but they went a different way.  It didn't end up being a huge deal.   I knew somewhere along the route there was a water spot, but I had no idea where it would be and it wasn't until mile 10 I finally saw it and by that point, I was already really thirsty.  There were also no bathrooms and more than once I thought I'd have to knock on someones door to use their bathroom.  I made it to the finish with no issues luckily. Thank you running gods!  There were lots of vans stopped and cheering and that was awesome and got me through some tough parts.  It does get pretty lonely out there because you are basically running alone for the most part.  In a typical road race, the adrenaline from the other runners and the crowd pumps me up, but I was alone pretty much the whole time.  Aside from the 25 people I passed along the way.  Despite tired legs and running in the late afternoon(which I hate), I felt good and really strong powering up hill after hill (There was a total elevation gain of 758 feet).   Also, I knew I'd be getting Chipotle soon, so there's that.
12.8 miles--7:44 pace

Plus I got a sweet medal, sooooo.
Ethan was off and we headed to our last exchange of our first leg!
Sending Dana off into the sunset over the Bourne Bridge!

Kristin/Erin Selfie time
We met up with the Van 1 at exchange 12 to wait for Dana to come in and then went back to the house to eat, shower and rest.
Runners are weird

a 'sea' of vans at exchange 12

Everyone wearing super hot outfits.

Burrito bowl destroyed. I love you Chipotle.
We got back to the house around 8:00 pm and tried to get some sleep before we had to pack up and leave around 11.  I did not sleep at all.  Isn't it the worst when you try to will yourself to sleep, you know you need sleep, but you can't?! The worst.  We needed to pack extra clothes this time because there wouldn't be enough time to get back to the house to shower or change (one of runners. Ethan, was picking up an extra leg from van 1). We were all up and on the road by 11:15 (sans sleeping bags, blankets and pillows.  Well I had a pillow and randomly grabbed 3 small blankets on our way out the door).
Night running

One side of our kills, many more to come!

Running by yourself at night is terrifying.  At least to me.  I HATE the dark, and running with a head lamp, blinking light on your back and safety vest didn't not help my fears of potentially being abducted.  There are no street lights, no crowds, and woods.  I think I left for my 2nd leg at 3:00 am and made it back to the van alive!  No pictures. 3.7 Miles at a 7:18 pace.  

After we all finished, we headed to the last major exchange and I apparently passed out in the car.  I was tired I guess.  I didn't really feel all that rested when I finally woke up out my coma, but it was better than what most of my team got. Sorry guys! But they did get a hot breakfast and some random indoor gym floor sleeping, so there's that at least :)  They also had a pretty sweet tent set up here.
After 'sleeping' at around 7:00 am

I'll fill you in on the rest tomorrow!! The finish is one of my favorite parts of this race! Thanks for making it down here if you read this whole thing!! Happy Friday Eve!!

Happy Running! xo

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