Friday, May 15, 2015

RAGNAR CAPE COD-PART III (the last post)

It's FRIDAYYYY!!!!! We made it, YAY US!  I'm sending along a virtual round of applause from JT.  You're welcome.

I'm also extremely excited because I've joined Nark Running Strategies and meet my coach today! YAYY RUNNING! You are MINE BQ! 

Anyways, If you've been following along, you've noticed my last 75 posts have been about Ragnar (okay, I'm exaggerating, I only have like 11 posts, but 4 of them are about Ragnar.)  I'm wrapping allll that up today.  If anyone besides my mom (love you) is reading this, thanks for stopping by checking me outttt!!  

Sooooo, it's Saturday morning and we were all wicked tired and ready to run our final legs (and drink beer)

Eric was off on his 9 miler and had something like a ridiculous 46 kills.  Guy's a machine!   I was super happy  that my first run was my longest and now my last leg was 1.7 miles.  It was literally the greatest thing in life at the moment.  Barely enough time to break a sweat.  I did because I sweat tying my shoe, but I digress.

80's style slap bracelet hand off! 

So freaking happy to be done.

I get really excited for any event.  And that means ringing cowbells, yelling out car windows at everyone, taking lots of pictures and posting them for the world to see and just being loud in general.  My new favorite motivator I started saying was, 'Oh coming in HOT! Like Hot spicy pepper!' I don't know.  Running endorphin's + Extreme exhaustion do weird things to peoples brains.   Someone opened the door on me while I was in a port-a-potty at 7am and I just didn't even care anymore.  My diet started consisting of watermelon, peanut butters pretzels and whole grain goldfish.  We started having some pretty weird conversations.  This is going on off on a weird tangent.  FRIDAY BRAIN.

We were finally at the last exchange and ready to head to the FINISH!!!!

Regular JP Elario over here with my photo skills. 

cheers to us!

If you've ever been to Cape Cod you know there's basically one road in and out.  If you haven't been, now you know.  The roads are not big and there's not many places to park.  We couldn't park our vans at the finish line, so they set up a free shuttle to bring people back and forth.  After being in the car for tons of hours and just wanting to get out, we paid $5 to park as close to the finish as possible.  And drank our beers while waiting for Dana to come in.  Sorry Dana!
Heading to finish line, pretty happy about that and also our 244 kills from VAN 2

me being awesome

pretending we were an Ultra team for .5 seconds while running behind Dana up the hill to meet the rest of our team.


Our whole team TOGETHER!!!! Team 244

free beer FTW

the backs of our medals

We realized we'd make it back to Cape Cod Beer before they closed at 3 with about 30 minutes to obviously, we went.

 And kind of had fun

Back at the house..

Everyone was showered and full of pizza and after 28ish hours of little to no sleep, everyone fell asleep.

Okay, actually only I fell asleep.  Everyone else did this...

Everyone was asleep by about 10:00 pm and we were all up early on Sunday pick up, pack up and head home.  Again, paying the $12 per person to not actually have to clean the house was so amazing.
Team picture before departing :(

Every single one of us had a fantastic time.  We have all been emailing all week and sharing photos. We get along so well and there were honestly no moments of stress or aggravation the entire planning process or race (maybe for our team Captain).  I love that I have met these crazy, awesome and wonderful people through running.  Ragnar is an experience like no other and these peeps will continue to be life-long friends.  We already have our team for Ragnar ADK and a few of us are getting a team together for Ragnar Florida Keys.  We're on a wait list for 2016, but if anyone is interested, please let me know!! 
Florida Keys

TEAM 'Docks to Dacks...' #244 came in 107th out of 332 teams in our division and 171st out of 512 teams overall.  Our time was 28 hours, 10 minutes and 17 seconds. Van 2 had 244 kills.

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend and Happy Running!!

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