Monday, May 11, 2015

Week in Reveiw--Sentence(s) per picture

It's Monday and everything will be okay!

Last week was insanely busy for me.  We had something planned each night and I had a crazy week at work trying to get everything done before taking Thursday and Friday off, hence why there were no posts.  If you follow me on Instagram (if you're not, WHY AREN'T YOU!?), you'd know that I ran Ragnar Cape Cod this past weekend. It was a freaking blassssst.  I'll have to separate that into a few posts which will come later this week. For now, here's a few fun things I did last week before heading to the Cape and a fun picture of Van 2 before our first leg. 

Monday morning--Kept NJ marathon recovery going strong with a long walk with Tucker (our dog). I am SO FREAKING HAPPY IT'S FINALLY SPRING!  Washington Park is basically our back yard and I love how beautiful it is during this time of the year.

Tuesday--6  miles [ 8:50 avg. pace]

For lunch had some awesomeness

Does anyone else love salsa as much as me?  I literally eat it right out of the container.  With leftover avocado.  I'm weird.  But seriously, try it.

Tuesday evening we celebrated 8 years together at The Point ! It was also Cinco De Mayo so I started with  Uncle T's Spicy Margarita
((Corzo silver tequila, cointreau, muddled oranges, lime, jalapenos, lemonade, pink grapefruit juice.))

Our first photo together!  8 years ago! 

Wednesday morning-- 5 miles [8:00 Avg. pace]

Wednesday night we took my mom out for an early Mother's day dinner celebration at DP American Brasserie.  It's our favorite restaurant in Albany.  Mom's are the greatest and my mom really tops the charts.   I was sad I wouldn't be able to celebrate ON Mother's Day, but happy to spoil her and we had such a great night!

Prince Edward Island Mussels
Sauce Marinière OR Chili Curry Coconut Milk,
Grilled Baguette, Pommes Frites 

Indonesian Stir Fried Noodles
Indonesian noodles, Trio of Cabbages,
Celery, Onions, Chicken, Shrimp and Sweet Soy Sauce

I got my mom this sweet necklace from Esty

my mom's super cute.
heading home with my love after a fun night. Love you!

Thursday morning I packed up and headed to the Cape!  

That's all for now internet peeps!! Thanks for stopping by and make sure you keep an eye out for my post over the next few days about allllll the fun we had at Ragnar Cape Cod.  Go kick some Monday BOOTY!!!!

Happy running! 

Did you have long runs or races this weekend?  How'd they go?

Have you ever done a Ragnar?

Fun plans this week?

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