Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday Miles

HEY GUYSSSSSSSS!!!!! Was it just me  or was it SUPER hard to come back to work today?!  Even though most of my weekend was filled with unending phone calls and emails from weddings vendors, we still managed to have some fun and even relax!!! It was pretty exhausting and I'm now wishing I took this whole week off.

Friday we went to see Jurassic World, along with everyone else who lives in the Capital District.  We met up with our friends Mandy and Chris and couldn't even sit near each other when we got into the theater.  Poorly executed movie planning.  I did eat my weight in popcorn and sour patch kids though, which was a really great decision fuel wise for the 12 miles on the schedule for Saturday morning. #woof.  I digress.  I really liked the movie!! It did seem a littttle CGI cheesy, but I don't think anything compares to the originals.  I would recommend it and I might even go as far as saying I'd pay $13 to see it again!

Saturday morning I met up with a few members of my running group for 12 miles.  

It was hot and humid, but having the company made it fly by! Allison planned a great route and left water out for us at the halfway point.  I always love starting out my weekend with my long run and getting it out of the way.  I feel like I have the whole weekend open and I don't stress about it.  We averaged an 8:33 pace.  Not that I would know because I left my watch at home, again.  Allison was nice enough to send over all the data.  #runningfriendsarethebest  

I rushed home after our run to shower and meet my mom to finish up wedding shopping.  We had a few last minute things to buy and of course, I forgot half of them and bought things I didn't need.  I will never learn.  We had plans to meet up with our friends Brendon and Kate to celebrate Kate's birthday that night, but Kate decided she wanted a crab rangoon pizza Friday night and was super sick all day Saturday.  She's allergic to shellfish so I'm not sure what she was expecting to happen.  Love you girlfriend, but maybe you should not take chances on food that has the word of things your allergic to in the title, mmkay?  We stayed in and watched more Jurassic Park movies and I worked on wedding things and updated my log.  Because my coach is awesome, he got me my schedule for the following week a day early.  I'm finishing up my base phase for my fall marathon training.  I am pumped and cannot wait to get started.

Sunday morning I woke up super early because we had plans to relax by a pool for a few hours.  I did 5 recovery miles and then we headed to Saratoga.

 Our favorite place to go in the summer is Victoria Pool.  I honestly feel like I'm on vacation when I'm here.  We spent 4 blissful hours in the sun reading, napping and sipping on Pina Coladas.

I had some pretty awesome running tan-lines I was trying to even out.
Mission accomplished....sort of. 

I can't wait to see how this training cycle plays out.  I have no doubt that if I execute my training successfully, I'll accomplish all my goals. 
This picture makes me laugh.  All of us looking so happy before our hill repeats last Wednesday.  We had no idea what was in store. haha

Happy running! xoxo

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