Friday, June 5, 2015

Oh hey, what’s up guys!? Been a hot minute since I’ve had ANY free time to write up a post, but I missed you!  I don’t even know where to begin!! First, a big congrats to Kristen Garzone on being the lucky winner of my Tiux compression sock giveaway! #keepitrightkeepittight! Enjoy pretty lady!
Things have been insane in the membrane busy for us lately.  
I won't even go alll the way back to last week, so I'll just say a few things about it, kay? Kay.
Last week was my first full week with my run group and strength training classes.  To say I love being a part of this team is an understatement.  I've ran in other local run clubs and it just felt too clicky.  Everyone was very nice, but it was hard being an outsider coming in.  The peeps over at Nark Running Strategies are not like that.  Everyone was suuuuuper friendly, talkative, supportive, energetic and encouraging.  I'm excited to grow as a runner with the team and my coach!  When I signed up for coaching, my coach also talked me into 2, 1 hour strength training classes per week (since it's what I neglect the most during training it made sense)  They are beastly hard, but freaking fantastic.  We use kettle bells 90% of the time, battle ropes, do push-ups, pull-ups and some (lots of) planking with 25 lb weights on our backs. Good times.  I love it and look forward to going to these classes every week!

I had my first track workout with the team  and it felt so fantastic to get my legs turning over faster then they have been.  It was also raining during our warm-up and cooled everything down.  It was hard work and I can't wait to see how I progress this summer! 9 miles total at 7:21ish avg. pace

Had a couple other pretty sweet runs as well

Obviously there was lot's of running, which I'm sure you all know. I did something else too.  My bachelorette party was Saturday!!!!!  I honestly have the greatest friends, family and support system in the universe. They set up an awesome day of wine tasting, tapas for dinner and dancing all night long. I had a BLAST and it was sooo nice to dance the night away with my girls.  My feet did not feel the same way at the end of the night, but I digress.  Also, rompers are the way to go future brides, but can be tricky while drinking.  

Now onto this week.  It has been fantastic.  I've been really busy at work, busy with all the last minute planning and details for our wedding(in 14 days!!!) and now with the addition of run group twice a week after work and 2 strength training classes (one on Tuesday at 5:30 pm, followed by a run and one Thursday mornings at 6:00 am), my schedule is more full than ever.  This is what went down.

Since I don't really drink alll that often or all that much, combined with the fact that my normal bedtime is around 9:30-10, the weekend took A LOT out of me.  I was sluggish and exhausted.  I needed a day to recover. So I did.  I also got a sweet email from my (soon-to-be) brother in the law (who is a graphic designer) and he took pity on my non-creative brain and came up with a sweet ass logo for me!  Thank you Don!! You are the best!

Tuesday-- 1 hour strength class focusing on core. Ran with some teammates after for 5.4 (easy paced) miles @ 8:21 pace

Wednesday- NATIONAL RUNNING DAYYYYYYYY--Celebrated with a track workout with the team.  Mat, our couch, posts the workout every Wednesday morning.  There's usually 4 different workouts going on and based on what everyone has coming up, he puts everyone in their assigned workout.  It makes it so easy to have that done.  He's worth every penny so far! Most of us are just starting to build up our base for fall marathon training and are also running in a local 5k Saturday, so we dialed this back a little.  It was still hard, but awesome.
My workout was: 
2 mile w/u
2 x 7 min at steady state (goal between 7:58-8:19) actual- 7:13,7:32
2 min active recovery between each
3 x 1,000 meters at cruise pace(goal between 7:26-7:40) actual- 7:02, 7:21, 7:39
200 m active recovery between each
4 x 200 meters at rep pace (goal was :47) actual- :41, :44, :43, :44
200 m active recovery between each
2 mile c/d
10 total miles

Thursday-- Dragged my tired, sore butt out of bed at 5:15 to head to my strength class, with the speed work from the night before still on my hand.  Anyone else do that.  Too many numbers and too much thinking involved.  After work, I headed to Plaza Fitness and picked up my racing singlet and t-shirt. The bomb.  Feel important and cool. #RUNNERD

Friday (today)-- 4 mile runch (easy paced) 8:17 my cool team shirt.  #Narkrunningstratagies

I'm running the a local 5k tomorrow with a lot of team members and I am so excited.  I'm not going for a PR (per my coach) since it's early in the season and I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket too soon.  I'll be back on Sunday with a race recap of that!! Hope you all had a fantastic week and have fun plans this weekend!!  After the race tomorrow we're heading to Lenox, MA for my cousins wedding!!! 

Happy running xoxo


  1. I found your blog through Instagram and I have gone back through your posts and I have come to the conclusion...that if you lived near me we would definitely be friends and running buddies for sure ;) Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!

    Heather (

    1. Heather!!! I love your IG account!!! I seriously wish we lived closer!! Hmmmm maybe goal should be to plan a race in between us both next year and make the trip!!! I'll check out your blog now!!