Tuesday, June 9, 2015

OK 5K Race Recap

This past Saturday I ran in the Kinderhook Runners Club OK 5k.  It is a flat and fast course and ideal for a PR.
It was my first race with the Plaza Fitness/Nark Running Strategies team.  Earlier in the week Mat, our coach, told me (more than a couple times) that he din't want me going fast right now and to not go after a PR.  My current 5k pr (22:08) was from the end of April and the end of marathon training. I thought a 22 was doable and that was what my goal time would be.  Not a huge PR, but comfortable. I'm coming out of marathon recovery (which didn't really happen until over 2 weeks after my marathon since I ran Cape Cod Ragnar 2 weeks after) and I'm just starting to build my base back up for my fall marathon training.  I did understand what he was saying and I really trust what he says.  I don't want to peak to early on in the season, but honestly, numbers freak me out and I don't like to see them fall.  Also, I really like to go fast.

The race started at 9:00 am, I had 10-12 miles to run that day,  so my plan was to get to the race early, do a mile or 2 solo, warm-up up with the group, RACE, cool down, finish my miles for the day.  The race was in my hometown (oddly enough I've never done it) so my mom wanted to come down with me for the race and cheer me on and LITERALLY THE ENTIRE TOWN OF KINDERHOOK.  She works for the school so knows everyone.  My mom is the greatest freaking woman on the planet and still wants to come to every single race I do ( I'm almost 30), so it really wasn't any different.  Love ya mom! She picked me up at 7 and we headed down.

We parked, walked to the race start area and I picked up my number.  My mom asked if I wanted to get started on my first couple miles and I realized I had left my watch still at home charging.  I had a brief panic attack and did contemplate driving the 25ish minutes back home to get it. I COULD MAKE IT! I HAVE ENOUGH TIME!( I didn't)  HOW WOULD I SURVIVE?! It was equal to this feeling:

ANYWAYS.  My best friend was also running, so I met up with her and her little guy to chat.
Did 5 of these fancy stretches.  Note to self: I should stretch more.

What's going on with my arm? Is that a muscle! 

Hung out with the group and did a 2 mile warm-up
So official in my new singlet.  I was way too excited about it, honestly. #RUNNERD

When it was time to line up, I had no clue what I'd be running.  I wanted to be a little conservative, but I honestly felt so great.  I found Erika, who's on my team, and knew she'd be aiming for around a 22.  As soon as the horn blew, I took off.  It's a small race, but they had someone at mile markers 1 and 2 to read off your splits.  Here's what happened inside my head:

Race starts-- I feel good! Am I going to fast?  I should slow down.  I have 3 miles to run.  People on my team who are faster than me are right in front of me.  I'm going to fast.  I wonder what my pace is? Oh yeah, BAGEL TYME after this! At mile 1 already?

Mile 1 (6:57)-- I think I'm going to fast, I have 2 more miles.  I don't feel tired though and it doesn't feel that hard.  Maybe I should slow down and save something for the end.  I want a bagel.  I'm going to get an everything bagel with vegetable cream cheese.  Did I e-mail the photographer back?  I  wonder what the new season of OITNB will be like!? I wish I knew what my pace was. Oh well, I'll just try to hang on to this. Mile 2?!

Mile 2 (13:57)-- I haven't really slowed down at all. Crap. I only have 1 mile to go now so I guess I'm not slowing down.  I feel good.  Coach is going to kill me.  Am I ruining my training? I can't wait to go to bagel tyme.  Should I have gone out slower? Oh the finish is just around this corner! It's not. Why is the finish line so far away!? WHAT?! I think that was my coach who just said way under 22, oops.  I hear my mom.  She is the best cheerer!  I should hire her out to people. Done.

Finish-- 21:35, 6:57 pace and a :40 second PR

I honestly felt so fantastic!! I felt like I could've gone faster!  I am so excited to keep working hard and see what I can do by the end of the summer!! My uncle was also running and had a freaking awesome time of like 20:54.  Rockstar.

I think almost EVERYONE on our team had a big PR.  And other's who raced during the weekend also finished their races with PR's.  That pretty much speaks for itself and the amazing coaching we receive.  Also, I think i felt so fantastic because I've been putting the time and effort into my strength training.  

We did a 3 mile cool-down, where I was told I was 'too fit' and couldn't race for the rest of June. SAD FACE EMOTICON  #runnerprobs.  I also survived the entire day without my Garmin and I didn't hate it!! I think it actually helped me achieve my PR because I didn't have the pressure of all the numbers.  I would like to say I'll do more races without it, but I'm a numbers freak and like to have my splits and whatnot recorded.  But maybe I will wear it and turn off the sounds and not look it. My mom and I stopped at my most favorite bagel place in the whole world ( BAGEL TYME--thought about it the whole race) before heading home to get ready for our cousins wedding!  I did 2 more miles when I got home and ended the day with 10 miles.

Did anyone else race this weekend? Did you have a PR?  

Are you training for a big fall half or full Marathon?  I'm running Chicago in October!

Thanks for stopping by guys!!

Happy Running! xoxo

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