Monday, July 27, 2015


I don't really know how to start this off.  It's been over a month(WHAT?! HOWWWWWWWW?!?!) since I've updated my blog and SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED.
Anyways-- I haven't been able to update because for awhile I didn't have a computer.  I had my phone and my Ipad and didn't really neeed a computer.  If I did for some reason I'd use Tyler's if he wasn't working.  When I started my blog, I did it at work during my lunch.  And that's where's I'd do all my post from.   WELLLLL they must not have liked that very much and blocked all google sites (sorry everyone, please forgive me.)  I have a computer now and a new job with my husband, so suck it internet blockers :)!! Also, I got married, went on a honeymoon, have been doing lots of training for Chicago Marathon and trying to get back into a somewhat normal routine.  I am back and READY.TO.GO! BOOM! 

Just to get us caught up to date, here's a few pictures of some fun stuff I've been doing for the past month! 

On June 20th, I was a BRIDE

and married my best friend.  

                                                         The day was freaking EPIC
Photo by Lovely Valentine

And yes, I still made time to run. DUH! 

We came home from our dream wedding weekend in Marblehead, MA and the following weekend I headed to my best friends Bachlorette party!

In my spare time, I ran a bunch of miles and ended the month with 171 miles!

We headed to Falmouth, MA for a 'minimoon' for 6 days over the 4th of July weekend.   We stayed at the Seacrest Beach Hotel and it was heaven! We had an ocean view room and would leave our door wide open every night and fall asleep to the ocean.  I slept in, went for my run, then we'd grab coffee and fresh fruit and head to the private beach for the entire day.  The weather was perfect and exactly what we needed!! Le sigh, I wish we could back right now!

Running on the beach in Falmouth

17 miles on the Shining Sea Bike Path


I was so sad that we had to end our weekend, but we needed to get back to the real world and we had lots of exciting things to look forward to.  

I got back in the swing of marathon training.  I had a a good 2 weeks of really crappy and unmotivated runs, which left me feeling discouraged and wondering why everything sucked and why I couldn't pull myself out of my slump.  My normal early morning alarms were ignored because I felt so exhausted and my body felt like it wasn't recovering at all.  I know it's normal and I know I go through the same thing at least twice during marathon training, but it still felt like it had been forever since I had a good quality run and for a week straight I had the worst side stitch ever and could not get rid of it.  Miserable.   Everything started falling back into place when Allison and I helped pace another teammate to a PR at the Saratoga Springs Half Marathon on July 12th!  That day I ran 18 miles, the course was very very hilly and it was HOT.  It really was a boost to my confidence and I really needed that day.

I started to feel really stressed about my goals.  I have big goals that I want to accomplish in Chicago and I started to doubt my ability to accomplish them.  Am I doing enough?  Am I doing too much?  What if I can't keep up my pace and I let my self and my coach down. I really had to take some time to refocus and remind myself that I didn't start running to qualify for Boston.  In all honesty, I had NEVER even really known what the Boston Marathon was.  I started running because I really truly love to run, to compete, to push myself past boundaries I never dreamed were possible.   Each and every run I do that.  That makes me proud and that makes every run a blessing.  

To make up for my disappearance, I'll have a giveaway or 2 this week, so make sure to check back!



  1. So glad I found your blog! Your pics are great. Congrats on your recent marriage! Married life is the best.

  2. So glad you shared your blog. I have a feeling I am going to love it. This is the first post I read and its full of all my favorite things: Oiselle and Lilly...and then full of happiness with wedding planning. I am getting married in 40 days or so. You looked stunning! Let me know if you have any last minute pointers. Also, where is your MRS shirt from? It is super cute.

    1. Thank you so much!! I got it on Esty!!! I pretty much have lived in it all summer! It's super comfy! AHHH That's SO EXCITING!!! Make sure to spend at least 15 minute ALONE after the ceremony before your reception. We didn't know we were going to, but had the chance and it was so special! And a nice break! Congratulations!