Sunday, August 16, 2015

Week in Review! I'm Back also :)

HI FRIENDS!!! HOW ARE YOU!? I hope you are all doing fantastic!! I don't know how I get so off track with my blogging.  This is my promise to you that I am back in ACTION.  Also, in case you wondering, this is how I feel 99% of the time as of late.

  I was going to try and do a July recap, but it's now August 16th so clearly that is not happening. #mybad. Anyways, I feel bad that I've been a terrible blogger, so I'm giving one lucky reader some super fun ProCompression Socks! I have them and I love them!  I pretty much live in my Pro Compression socks through training and recovery.  They're an x-small and in heather grey! All you have to do win is leave a comment about your upcoming goal race (5k, half marathon, marathon) and how you get over your training slump! We allllll go through it and I love hearing ways people pull themselves back up! Maybe it's accomplishing a big race goal, having a great track workout or long run or just being able to focus on your love of running and not so much the race ahead! Even if you're not an x-small, you can still play and if you win, I'm sure you have some friends who would graciously take them off your hands :) #runningfriendsarethebestfriends

SOOOO we're just going to jump back in like I haven't been absent for a month.  Let's recap last weeks training shall we? Yes? Okay sounds good, let's go!

I usually get my plan for the upcoming week on Sunday's, but I got it early last week so it gave me plenty of time to analyze it and annoy my coach with questions (ie: UMMMM THERE'S NO LONG RUN.  UMM SHOULD I RUN 12 MILES PLUS the 5K SO I GET 16 MILES?! You get the idea. He hates me I'm sure) Anyways, here was my prescribed plan.  This is tailored specifically for me, so what is working for me will not be the smart choice for others! FYI! 

Coach Nark's Plan4 miles ridiculously SLOW!7 miles easyAM; 4 miles slow recovery pace --Pm: 10 miles w 6 x 200m @ rep pace w 200m recs then 2 x 1 mile @ cruise pace w 200-400m slow recovery jogOff5 miles slow recovery pace12 miles w 5k RACE8 miles slow recovery pace over 9 mins per mile - 50+ weekly miles

Monday: 4 miles -- 9:14 pace
I'm really focusing on keeping my easy and recovery runs at a 9 pace and higher (per my coach). So I'm listening. 

Tuesday: 7 miles -- 8:13 pace // It was pouring rain and I was tired, but got up and out the door before I could convince myself otherwise! I'm so glad I did!  Running in the rain really does make you feel tough!  I also headed to Plaze Fitness that night for my 1 hour strength class.  IT WAS HARD. I wanted to die, but thankfully I made I through. 

[side note-- being able to bring your dog to work is pretty much the best thing in the world]

Wednesday-- 2 a days! I normally meet Allison at 5am for our warm-up before we split off and do our prescribed workout, but I somehow turned off my alarm an woke up at 4:58 ( sorry running wife!).  I still managed to get to the track by 5:15 ( if you set out EVERYTHING you need for an early morning workout the night before, you can ready in 3 minutes people!!) and got in a great track workout! 
Workout was:
3 miles w/u --Workout 6 x 200 @ rep pace (goal :48 - :52) :50, :45, :42, :42, :40 w/ 200 rec in between-- 2 x 1 mile (goal 7:02-1:12) 7:04, 6:48 with 400 rec in between. 3.2 mile c/d 
Socks are Pro Compression, Shorts and Bra are Oiselle and top is Nike
I had another workout that evening of 4 short recovery miles (9:12 pace)

Last week the clutch in my car finally died and now we are down to 1 car.  Which is pretty much fine, except we both workout in the mornings so I had to push my normal Thursday 5:00 am run with Allison and 6:00 am strength class back to 7.  I was sad to miss my run and class with my friends!  #runnerprobs. 

Thursday: 5 recovery miles ( 9:08 pace) and strength class at 7am.  

I've also been working on a pretty cool project with my coach and I can't wait to be able to share it with you all!! 


We're also in the process of house hunting and looked at one after work! It's exciting! We own our house now, but are ready for more room and bigger yard! 

Saturday:  Jailhouse Rock 5k.  I went into this with high hopes of breaking 21:00.  It didn't happen.  I still PR'd, but wasn't really jumping for joy after the race.  I'll do a recap tomorrow. I still had tons of fun and loved being able hang out with everyone and race! And a PR is a PR.  

9 total for the morning-- 3.5 miles warm-up (8:49 pace) RACE (6:52 pace) 3.24 cool-down(9:22) 
Don't worry, there was no fun going on at all

When I got home, I had a package waiting for me from the awesome peeps over at Crank Sports.  I'll do a full review on the gels and endurance blend once I've had a chance to really try them out.  I have a very sensitive stomach when it comes to gels, so I'm interested to see how these work for me!  I did try the endurance blend on my 12 miler today and I am hooked already!! THANK YOU CRANK SPORTS, I LOVE YOU!

Sunday: 12 miles slow recovery pace @ 9:28--"over 9 min/mi"  ( I switched my 8 and 12 milers, it was OK'd by my coach!)  I met up with Allison, Carl (both pictured) Mike, Steve and Shea (who are not pictured because they had 18 and 20 miles to run,-- so thankful that wasn't me today!)  I was SO FREAKING HAPPY to have them to run with.  I was tired, my legs were heavy and it was 95% humidity.  I think it's safe to safe to say we were all dragging and looking forward to the run being over! We got it done. #boom 


How did your week go?! 
Did you have a race or long run? 

Don't forget to leave a comment to try and win the Pro Compression socks!! I'll choose a lucky winner by random on Friday, August 21 and announce the winner on my blog! Good Luck!

Happy Running Friends!!


  1. First off, love seeing your accomplishment and how far you have come as a runner, someday I'll get there.

    Though xsmall will never fit me, but my goal race was a half in Sept but training has not gone as planned and looks like I won't be running that race, so looking at a half in October, would love to have a 2 hour half (that is a someday goal), but a more realistic goal is 2 1/2 hour half. Still trying to get out of this awful slump I have been in. I love running once I'm running, just have a hard time getting out there.

    1. Aww thank you Sam!! I love that you have taken up running! Beginning is honestly the hardest part!! Trust me, there are days when I want to sleep in or just stay home once I'm home from work (it's easier for me since I dont have kids yet!) But just make the time. Make it part of your schedule and look at it as YOU time. No one can take that away from you, no matter how fast or slow. That is your time to reflect and think or your time to zone out and not think. Make sure you make your mind set that you GET to run, not that you have to run. I know you'll accomplish your goal!

  2. Great post! I love reading about other runners' training! I had a really tough run this AM - everything felt like a struggle. We will blame HUMIDITY. I know what I am capable of come race day. Speaking of, my BIG goal race is Grand Rapids marathon in October. Training with a sub 3:10 in mind, but my friend who is "coaching" me believes closer to 3:05-3:00 is in sight. We will see!! Halfway through my 18 week plan. Run strong!

    1. The humidity is the worst. Sub 3:10 DAMN GIRLFRIEND!!! That is freaking rockstart status!! I'm going for 3:30 in Chicago--hoping to finally BQ. Good luck!! You got this!!

  3. I'm also trying to run a sub 21:00 5K... I've gotten close, but I'm hoping to hit it at a big race near me next Sunday. My progress so far has been really motivating to keep going but keeping a strong, consistent training plan can definitly be difficult! Another thing I've found to help is to embrace slower training runs and to give your body a break. It can be hard not to judge your paces, but it's race day that matters. You don't always have to be racing yourself, it's okay to go slow. This helps keep the fun in running so getting out the door doesn't have to be a chore. Also, this might sound silly, but picking out some cute running clothes can help get me out of a slump too. Look good, run good. ;-)

    Good luck with your training, you're a rockstar! It's nice to hear about other people's struggles to know we're not alone and especially their successes.

    1. YES I am finally embracing the slower training runs and realizing how important they are!! GOOD LUCK!! I'm not sure I'll have another shot at a sub 21 before marathon training is over, but maybe once the season is over and have that be a late fall goal. ALL about the cute running clothes!! Oiselle is my go to for all things fierce and feminine! Thank you for the kind words!! I'd love to hear how your race goes too! You go girlfriend!!

    2. I ended up with a 20:35, I felt great! You'll get there! :-) I love Oiselle too, but my bank account doesn't haha. Best of luck!

  4. I feel like everyone is dealing with the tough humidity right now! I just keep telling myself that we will see the effort pay off once fall hits :)

    My big goal race is a small local 5k coming up in a few weeks. I'm aiming for a 20:30-ish with a long term goal in the next year of sub-20!

    When I get in a training slump, I usually take the opportunity to explore new places/routes/trails taking it at whatever pace my body tells me. It usually re-ignites something in me!

    1. I agree, Anne! And also that we could be running in sub-zero temps and snow. Good luck on your upcoming race!! That's so awesome!!

      Great advice on new routes! That helps me too!! Although, I like knowing where there's a bathroom and water available ;)

  5. obviously you are badA$$ and i love ya! Great week for you, don't stress about that 5K PR... 30 min late start and my head would be totally out of it not knowing how much longer I have to wait! PLUS this heat! Are you kidding me mother nature??? Its like 1000 degrees out. That is painful running weather no matter what distance! So good for you for even racing at all girl! I am still going for my third marathon in October! Despite the fact that I am a full time grad student going to class M-F for about 50 hours :( I WILL STILL FIND TIME TO RUN :) Going for a 3:15 PR for this next race.. we'll see!! Keep training hard girlfriend, you are a great inspiration to many!!

    Rachel P :) XXOO

    1. Hahaha thanks dear!!! You are a freaking superstar and I WISH YOU LIVED CLOSER. Maybe with me, that would be the easier ;) xoxo

  6. My goal race is Philly rock n roll half. It's on Halloween and my boyfriend is trying to qualify for Olympic trials. He is 45 seconds off but I believe In him. He is amazing and it's like watching art when he runs. I don't want to double his time hahaha. This will be a big race for me because I have been injured since May and no one can figure out why my hip hates me so much. A torn labrum has been suggested but I'm going to fight back. I hate workouts on the treadmill but I focus on where a good workout will get me and how hard I have worked. I have done some 5ks for speed workouts because I don't want to make my hip worse. I end up In the 22 range... Not close to my pr but I take every day as a blessing I'm able to run now. My goal would be 1:45.... Again far off my pr but I have the heart to push through my weaknesses and finish strong. It also hel

    1. Super happy to see you back running girl!! You're going to kill it!!! Good luck to you bf!

  7. It also helps knowing there will be an amazing guy at the finish!