Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Marathon Training week 8 and my tempo run that wasn't meant to be

Hi Friends!! Hope everyone is off to awesome week and great 1st day of September.  SEPTEMBER! You know what that meanssssss.....

I can't believe Chicago is only 39 days away.  WHAAAAATTTTT?!!! I'm going to stand and contemplate that for hot second.

I am heading into peak mileage for the next few weeks, so last week was pretty conservative.
Coach Nark's Plan5-6 miles easy 8 miles easy 6 miles w 6-8 × 200m @ rep pace w 200m recs Off 4 miles easy 17 miles easy run40 Weekly miles - Off

Monday- 6.2 miles/ 8:28 avg pace

Tuesday-8 Miles/ 8:37 avg pace

Wednesday- 6.76 miles with 9 (because I lost count) x 200m & 200m active recovery between each set (:44, :47, :46, :46, :45, :43, :44, :44, :44)

Thursday-  (switched my Thursday and Friday) 5.23 miles/ 8:44 pace & 1 hour strength class

Friday- Off

Saturday- 17.08 / 9:39

Sunday- Off

Saturday I met up with my friend and Oiselle Volee teammate, Kristen,to get our long run done! Running friends are really the greatest friends! She is the sweetest and is running the Marine Corps Marathon in October (while raising money for Team Fox  <----please take a second to check out her page and even consider donating and little something for such an amazing cause :)!)

We also went to our friends wedding Saturday night and had a great time! There were miniature horses, so I pretty much just hung out with them most of the time;) 

I finished up August with 210.36 miles! I had to check and re-check that more than a few times.  It just didn't seem possible.  That has been my highest mileage month in the history of ever. WAHOO.

My happiness of that was stomped on this morning though, not cool.  Today my plan called for 10 miles with 1x3 miles at tempo pace (7:10).  I was half nervous, half excited for this run, I have never done a tempo before.  I figured it was around my 5k pace so would it would feel difficult and it would hurt, but it would go by fast.  I don't know what happened today.  The stars were not aligned for this run.  It felt off from the beginning when I did a 3ish mile warm-up and then met my coach who wanted to run the tempo with me. I made it .97 miles into my tempo and legit just stopped.  I haven't failed at a workout all season and this one I just bombed, figures.  It wasn't the type of run where it just hurts and sucks and you are aware of that and can finish it.  It was more of the"I can't breath, I'm dizzy and I might puke" type of run.  Even writing this now I feel terrible.  I have a pounding headache and feel nauseous.  I was annoyed that I let myself quit, but honestly, there was no way this run would've been beneficial.  I wouldn't have been able to hit my target pace and then what's the point.  Even though I obviously wish things had been wonderful,  I wasn't as disappointed with how the run turned out as much as I felt disappointed that my coach was there to see me fail and that I'd let him down.  If I was closer to home, I probably would've called it there.  But I still had to get home.  I finished the morning with 8 miserable miles.  It happens.  I contemplated why it sucked when I got home by looking down my street.  It didn't work.  Still not sure.

I know that I can't have a great run every day.  To be honest, I'm surprised this didn't happen earlier.  I have felt so great and so positive about my runs lately that I guess I  needed a little reality check to make sure I don't lose focus or drive.  This tempo was not meant to be.  It straight up sucked and I'm okay with that.  I'll be back bright and early tomorrow morning.  Pounding the pavement and focusing on my goal.

Happy Running my sweet friends!


  1. I've had several "tempo runs that weren't" over the's a tough training run that's for sure!!

    I'm so impressed with all the miles you ran this month!! I'm training for Chicago as well...but I had about half as many miles as you :0

    1. They are SUPER tough!!! This is my 3rd marathon and have never run this much, but I'm actually really enjoying it! AHHH that's so awesome!I hope we can meet up!! I'll definitely be checking out your blog!!