Monday, November 2, 2015

Heyyyyyyyyyyyy-----Monday Miles!

So, yeah. Yes, I am still alive.  I have no excuse as to why it's taken me 3 weeks to write a new blog post.  I thought once the marathon was done I'd have a lot more free time, but for some reason I don't. When I get home at night or at the end of the day I just have z-e-r-o desire to sit in front of my computer any longer. It happens.  BUT I AM HERE NOW AND THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS (right?!)!  I thought we could catch up on what's been going on, more running related post marathon and all that good stuff! SOOOOOO......
Get it? HA 

Here we are, November 2 (THE SECOND) October is OVER!!!(????????)  I forgot to add the miles of some runs I did without watch, so I actually ended up running 115 miles.  Not to bad considering I was tapering for the 1st week & half of October, then ran Chicago and then followed that with recovery runs.  

The past 2 marathons I ran, I definitely had some post marathon blues.  I didn't have any clear idea about what I'd do next, I didn't have any specific number of miles to run and I found it hard to get back on track with any type of consistency.  Not this time! On the day after the marathon I did A TON of walking around Chicago.  I actually think that helped keep things loose and kept me from cramping up at all. As prescribed,  I took 3 days off of running.  Here's what my week-after-marathon looked liked:

Coach Nark's PlanoffOff Off 3 miles easy Off Off 3 miles easy
Thursday- 3 EASY miles.  Not sure of my pace because I forgot my watch.  I also went to a 1 hour strength class after.
Saturday- 3 EASY miles @ 8:57 pace + 1 hour strength class
WEEK 2 post marathon:
Coach Nark's Plan3-4 miles easy 3-5 miles easy Off 3-5 miles easy Off 3-5 miles easy Off - 20ish weekly miles
Monday- 4 miles @ 8:09 pace
Tuesday- 5.09 miles @8:33 pace + 1 hour strength class
Wednesday- OFF
Thursday- 5.07 miles @ 8:49 pace + 1 hour strength class
Friday- 1 hour strength class
Saturday- 5 miles @ 8:49 pace + 1 hour Iron body injury proofing class
Sunday- OFF

WEEK 3 Post marathon
Coach Nark's Plan4-5 miles easy Off 7-8 miles w 8 - 10 × 200m @ rep pace w 200m recs 4 miles slow recovery pace 5-7 miles easy Off 10-12 miles easy longrun - 30-35 weekly miles
Monday- OFF--Switched days
Tuesday- 5 miles @ 8:43 pace + 1 hour strength class
Wednesday- OFF (sick!)
Thursday- OFF (sick AGAIN)
Friday- OFF (still sick)
Saturday- 12 miles @ 8:50 pace
Sunday- 6.5 @ 8:05 pace 


Usually when I'm sick I either A) suck it up and still run (like I did the few days leading up to and day of my marathon) or B) Don't run, but miss it horribly and can't wait to get back out on the roads.  When I was sick this past week, I had no desire to be out there running.  I was completely exhausted.  I didn't even really think about running.  But when I woke up Saturday knowing I had my long run to do I was so excited! I couldn't wait to get out there!  It was a perfect fall morning along my local bike path.  It was so calm and crisp out. I got in 12 miles with my running buddy Carl. After, Tyler and i headed to a local farmers market and met up with both of our moms, Tyler's sisters & niece and our best friends.  We bought lots of goodies and our friends came over later for movies and homemade pizzas.  It was the best Halloween.   Sunday was insanely gorgeous out ,mid 60s and sunny so I laced up again for 6 miles and was just super happy being out there.  It was my first time since before the marathon running alone and it just felt good deep down in my soul.   I LOVE my running family, but some days a solo run is just magical. 

 I have also been trying to make WAY more time for having some fun nights out and spending time family and friends! 
 My best running buddy and had a celebration dinner last week.  It was the first time since I met her that  I saw her in non running clothes. HA.

So what's next.... let's see.  I have a 15k this weekend and a 10k at the end of the month.  Right now, I'm not sure my body feels 'race ready'.  The 8:05 pace I ran yesterday was not easy! How did I run faster than that for 26 miles just 3 weeks ago!?  To PR at this race this weekend, I'd need to run a little faster than 7:50 pace. Woof.  It'll be a game time decision whether I race or not.  I'm planning to see how this week goes and if I wake up Sunday feeling epically awesome, than I'll give it try. The past 3 weeks I haven't paid any attention to my pace and that felt really nice mentally.  I know a lot of runners like just being able to run free and not be tied to 'having to run this many miles on these specified days', but I like that.  I like structure and having it right there for me always is what I need. 

 As for Spring races, I'm not entirely sure yet.  I put my name in the lottery for the NYC half again, so fingers crossed I get in again! It's my favorite race and I've run it the past 2 years! If I don't get in, my plan is to run the Rock & Roll DC half.  We shall see! When I know, you'll know:)

  I'm setting myself a new goal to blog at least twice a week.  I'm hoping I can get on a good track and make the time to blog more because I love blogging and even more, I LOVE LOVE LOVE connecting with you guys.  Have a great week friends!!!!

Happy Running!

What was your last race you ran and how was it?

Any plans races in the upcoming weeks?

Do you like to follow a plan after your big goal race?

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