Tuesday, November 3, 2015

'I don't need more tee-shirts"- said no runner EVER!

Hey Guys! GUESS WHAT!?  These shirts are ready for purchase!! 
 I designed them with my hometown area code in mind, 518 (GET IT?! five RUN eight!).  I ran my first mile on these streets and since have run countless miles and hours on them.  I've raced  distances from 5ks to the marathon.  They are home to me and I know many runners in my community feel the same way.  I love running in new areas and exploring new towns by foot, but whenever I get back to the 518 and lace up, my old routes and landmarks are there waiting for me.  There is no greater comfort.  It's where my love for running began and many new friends were brought into my life because of it.  Even for all of my readers who don't live here, I wish you did so we could all run together all the time.  Also, a portion of each shirt sale will go towards our local Girls on the Run program, so every girl can feel confident, empowered and fearless.

If you're interested in a shirts, you can find them here!

There's Men's/unisex

And different t-shirts and tanks for the ladies in lots of colors!

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