Thursday, November 12, 2015

Monday Miles--Oh, it's Thursday..night....OOO also a race recap.

Hey Guys! How's it going?! Anyone else who ran fall marathons completely exhausted!? HANDS UP! I AM!  No matter how much sleep I've been getting, I do not feel rested.  I read somewhere recently that post marathon you can feel really run down because you're finally allowing your body to feel how tired it is, where as during training you don't acknowledge it because you have a goal you're working towards and will do whatever it takes.  Makes sense.  But now I am completely exhausted. In the next few days I'll put a post up about my recovery and my off-season training plans.  It involves more rest, less mileage and no speed.  The horror, I know.  I'm also done racing for the year.  Whatever races I run from here on out are purely for fun!

A couple people have messaged me and asked if I was still training with a coach in my off season.  I absolutely am.  I really want to do some big things next year and having my coaches guidance is what is going to get me there.  I still train with him and have upped my strength classes from 2 per week to 3-4 classes, depending on my schedule.  Here's a look at my training plan from last week.
Coach Nark's PlanOff or Tuesday 4-5 miles recovery pace 7-8 miles w 8 - 10 × 200m @ rep pace w 200m recs 4 miles slow recovery pace 4-5 miles easy Off 11-12 miles w race - 30ish weekly miles

Monday : 4.0 miles @ 8:17 avg. pace--We had some CRAZY weather last week.  High 60s-low 70s. I pretty much ran in shorts and a tank or t-shirt all week.  Even at 5am!

Tuesday: Met Allison at 5am for our normal early Tuesday-Thursday morning run. 5 miles @ 8:47 pace.  Headed to a strength class after. 

Wednesday: Was supposed to be off, but did a super easy 4 miles and ran with no watch. Here's why I chose to run a few miles

Thursday: Met Allison to get our speedwork done.  7 miles for the morning. We did a little over a 3 mile warmup and I did 11x200 because I can't count.  Goal was between :45-:49 and I rode the struggle bus HARD.  I hadn't done speedwork in probably 6 weeks.  :41,:46, :47,:47,:45, :44,:46,:47,:47,:42,:41. + a cooldown.  We headed to a strength class after. 

Friday:  Went to an early strength class at 5:30 and ran 4 miles @ 8:39 pace solo after.  I realllllly get into strength workouts. Side note--A couple people have asked why I wear socks while strength training.  Barefoot training (no sneakers) really connects your body and building strength. Give it try! Everyone who trains at our gym does barefoot training. 

Saturday: OFF! I FINALLY went to see my girl to get something done to my hair.  I hadn't gotten in cut since January and hadn't had anything done to since my birthday last December. It was time and she did exactly what I wanted done.  How I forgot to snap a pic I will never know. I headed to Fleet Feet after to pick up my race packet and really wanted to meet Frank Shorter.  The lines were insane and I zero patience, so I skipped out.  Went home to relax, made a delicious pasta dinner (FOREVER CARBLOADING!!! PS. I've been subbing out regular pasta with brown rice pasta.  I love it way more than regular pasta!) and set out my race outfit for the next day! WEEEEEEE!

Sunday: RACE DAY.  I still wasn't sure if I was going to race or not when I woke up.  I had a small bowl of oatmeal and some coffee, walked the dogs and we headed out the door.  I met up with crew and did a short warmup. 

NRS was definitely representing! 

  Found my birdmate/friend Kristin for a pic and good luck wishes (I wore my Oiselle singlet over my racing one specifically for this picture. #runnerd) 

and we were off! My mom and husband were at mile 2 apparently and snapped this pic, but I never saw or heard them. IN THE ZONE! 
I wish I had some funny and witty things to say that were going through my head for the 9.3 miles, but honestly all I was thinking about was getting through the mile I was in.  This was HARD. I never really got in a good groove. When the gun went off I knew at that moment I'd be racing. I went out WAY to fast at mile 1 (7:20)  and paid for it for a few miles. I tried to hang on to a 7:30 pace for the rest of the race, struggle bus!  My legs felt heavy the entire race.  This course has some good hills, but you're rewarded at the end with an awesome down hill finish. It was my second year running it and it's just a really well done race!  Not a ton of crowd support, but decent enough for a small town.  I also finally met my instagram friend Todd at the start line (small world!) Our team had a great run, especially considering almost all of us were coming off of big fall marathons! Lots of PRs and lots or great running by all! It was just fun to all hang out and run together. 

My mom and husband were waiting for me and cheering as I crossed the finish line, that always puts the biggest smile on my face!  They are my biggest fans!

I did a short cool down and we headed home. 

Not my worst race, but also not my best.  It was hard, but not necessarily in the good way.  I know that I am capable of better, but on that day, that was the best I could run! It was a 3+ minute PR from last year.

Final Stats:

That's all for now friends!! Thanks for checking in :) 

How's your running going lately?  Are you training for anything or is it 'off season'?

Do you change things up and focus on other things once your big race if over?

Happy running all!!!! 

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