Saturday, January 9, 2016

Five Friday Favorites(that I forgot to post yesterday)

Happy Belated Friday!! I never hit 'Publish' yesterday, just save.  So here ya go!
1. Last month, Pro Compression came out with their Sock of the Month (SOM) and it was awesome.  I figured I'd buy it later when I got home, but by that time, it was sold out. WOMP WOMP[sad face] When I heard they would be announcing the new SOM sometime this week, I stalked their FB, twitter and Instagram.  As soon as I saw it pop up, I snagged a pair, because well, they're freaking AWESOME! Use code JANSOM for 40% off!

2. My hair can pretty much be the worst after a run.  ESPECIALLY after a run in the rain and/or snow.  I found this at Target (because you can find anything at Target) and I use it pretty much all the time. It smells SO good and it's priced around $5.  I love Honest Company product and you can even buy bundles off their website for a discounted price and they'll be delivered every month! 

3.  I have a weird obsession with sloths (& t-shirts & running).  It slightly borders on crazy and it has only gotten worse since I know i'll be seeing them up close and personal at the end of the month while on vacation.  Soooo this shirt just made sense. Plus it's on sale here , if you wanna be twins.
4. The Motivate Wrap from Momentum Jewelry is just awesome.  I have 2 and they say 'DIG DEEP' & 'It's Fine I  Ran Today'.  Have you ever looked down at your watch while rounding the bend for last sprint to the finish?  Or been in plank staring at your wrist waiting for the time to pass.  Imagine looking down and seeing your mantra or motivational phrase there to help give you that extra kick! The wraps won't squeeze, chafe, pinch, or rub and they're machine washable.  They also have shoe tags, necklaces and leather wraps. 

5. 'Fast Girl'--- I picked up this book on a Sunday and by Monday evening I was finished.  I could not put it down.  It's a memoir from the former middle distance runner Suzy Favor Hamilton and her battle with mental illness and how her mania controlled and consumed her life. It was fascinating, honest and riveting. A definite must read in my opinion. 

Happy Running Friendz!

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