Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Miles, Races and the New Year!

PHEW! WE MADE IT!  Another year has gone by and I'm not sure what just happened!

A quick recap of my life events:
*Planned our wedding in a different state
*Became a wife to my best friend in the universe
*Quit my job to work with my husband
*Watched my best friend marry her best friend

*Saw so many of our friends get married! 
*Moved out of our house where we lived for the past 8 years
*Went on lots of fun vacations

Spent time with family and friends :)

And a quick recap of running events:
Ran nearly 1,900 miles
Ran 15 races (2 marathons)
PR'd in every distance
Had a blast with my Ragnar family running both Cape Cod & Adirondacks

Became a part of an amazing running family 

Connected with so many amazing people via social media
Ran my way to a BQ at the Chicago Marathon

Started all over again :) 

What a year.  2015 was really really good to me.  What are my plans for 2016?!  Where to start?! This year I set intentions and reevaluated my goals I had made for myself and made plans to accomplish things I might not have the year before.  My main goals for 2015 were to live big, dream big and to be comfortable being uncomfortable.  I'm carrying these over to 2016 because it helped me accomplish some big dreams and do things I might not have.  I can't wait to see what I can accomplish in this new year.

I have finally made the decision to run the 2016 Novo Nordick New Jersey marathon.  When I was telling people what my goal was, I was saying "anything between 3:27-3:25".  Once I realized this was to make my 'scary' goal of running 3:25 or better seem not so scary, I made running 3:25 my "A" goal.  Setting a big goal is scary and that is awesome. YOU ARE MINE 3:25!!!! That is what I'll be working for this training cycle and I am PUMPED. I'll be going after a sub 21:00 5k and a 1:35:45 half.  I would LOVE to hear what your racing goals are for this year!

Base training is about over now. Here's a quick look at what my log looked like last week:
Coach Nark's PlanOff4-5 miles slow recovery pace 8 miles w 6 x 200m at rep pace then 2 x 1k @ cruise pace w 200m recsOff15 miles longrun 6 miles slow recovery pace 6 miles easy - 40ish Weekly miles 

Annnnd what I actually did:
                             Mon:       Tues:             Wed:            Thurs:           Fri:                   Sat:           Sun:
Time (H:MM:SS)0:47:071:10:220:54:092:26:292:02:24
Shoe Number
Total Miles: 50.07

My first 50 mile week since the summer! I was sore, but the good kind! Two things that have made running outside in the winter so much easier are the weather (it was 73 on Christmas Eve.) and the winter series races a local running club puts on. They have them most weekends starting with the Hangover Half on New Years Day, all of varying distances and ending with a marathon around Valentines Day. If' you're a member it's free, if you're not it's only $5.00.  They have water on the course and lots of delicious food and drinks after!  There was a great turnout for the hangover half Friday and I think about 20-30 of my teammates were there.  I took a big group photo, but once I checked the photo, I realized I took a video.  #gopronewbiefail My bad. 

While eating breakfast last week and checking my email, this sweet piece of mail was there 
I am so so excited to have been chosen as a Pro Compression ambassador for 2016.  It's pretty much the only sock I use to train, race and recover in.  You can use code FB40 for 40% off your order :)

Welp, that's all for now my sweet friends! I would LOVE to hear about your 2016 life and running dreams and goals.  

Happy Running Friendz! 

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