Monday, January 18, 2016

Monday Miles & Giveaway Winner!! WEEEEE!!!

Hey Friends!! Hope everyone is enjoying a day off and and had a lovely 3 day weekend.  It's always important to remember the reasons why we have these days off....
First of all. I think I officially have to get a new phone.  The screen has been shattered since the summer. But a chunk finally fell off Saturday night. Le sigh. And yes, I have been taking pictures with this phone and just hoping the photos I post look good.

Training for New Jersey has been going great so far.  I am very thankful we've been having a pretty mild winter.  Only a few days where it's been below 10 and that makes me pretty happy.  Here's what my prescribed mileage looked like:
Jan 11Jan 12Jan 13Jan 14Jan 15Jan 16Jan 17
Off6 miles recovery pace 10 miles w group b workout 5ish miles recovery pace 12 miles in 2 runs easy 5 miles easy 50-55 weekly miles w 14 miles longrun 
Monday: Off 
I love having Monday as a rest day.  I do most of my errands in the morning, like grocery shopping and dry cleaners and laundry, and then head into the office for the afternoon.

Tuesday: 6 miles/8:48 pace + 1 hour strength training 
I met Allison at 5 do get in our recovery miles and then headed to an hour strength class.  These are my essentials for winter running! 
Oiselle powerstretch gloves and earband , Oiselle wool gaiter, hand warmers , Garmin Forerunner 220, & Nuun 
Wednesday: 12 miles/8:26 pace 
I had to get my workout in early & alone.  The roads were a little slick and I knew the track and bike path I usually run on would be even slicker, so for the first time since February of last year, I took my run to the treadmill.  The workout was :
2 mile warmup
1) 4x400 -- 1:33, 1:36, 1:28, 1:27
active recovery--2 minutes
2) 3x5 min --7:27, 7:19, 7:16
active recovery--3 minutes
3) 5 minute tempo--7:18
active recovery--3 minutes
4) 17 minute SS --7:40
cool down
This was such an awesome workout!! It was challenging and tough, but I felt awesome once it was done!
Annnnnnd because my new shoes came, I had to take them out for a quick 2 mile spin.

Thursday: AM: 6.02 miles/8:49 pace --PM: 6 miles/8:45 pace + 1 hour strength training
AM:  Met Allison at 5 for our 6 mile recovery run.  I just got 2 new pairs of kicks, so I took my 2nd pair out and loved them!! Headed to a 6am strength class right after our run!
I also got my Amazon Prime delivery.  I feel like Amazon Prime is the internet's target.  So random.

PM: It was chilly, but sunny and beautiful.  I've been running sans music lately and it's so peaceful! 
Friday: 5 miles/8:57 pace + 1 hour strength training 
Allison and I met at 5 (do you see a pattern here? haha) and ran to a 5:30AM strength class.  Wan back to our cars after class and finished up our miles for the day.  Friday at the gym are strictly for heavy strength.  We do low reps of heavy things.  Allison and I both had deadlifting PRs of 155 and bench press PRs. Actually, everyone had some big PR's that morning. You all kicked some major booty! Check out this awesome video that Allison's fiance, Mike, made! 

(if you're looking for me, I have on grey pants, a white tank and green LS) 

Saturday: 5.56 miles/9:05 pace
A bunch of us planned to meet to do our longrun, but when I woke up. it was freezing rain and the weather looked less than desirable. We unanimously decided to push it to Sunday and I was so happy we did!

 I still had some miles to run, so I headed out.  My feet were soaked and frozen and the roads were pretty terrible! I could not wait to get home and eat waffles and bacon in my warm sweats! It was glorious. 

Saturday night we headed out to a great dinner at The Point in Albany with our friends, and then headed to Brendon's surprise Birthday party!  We had zero fun OBVS. 

Sunday: 15.56 miles/8:14 pace
There was another HMRRC Winter Series, so I joined Allison and Mike for a few miles before we headed over to SUNY Albany to run the 15k. The loops around SUNY can get boring, but when you have some great running friends (this time it was Mike C, Tom, Colleen & Allison) the time FLYS! From the time we started until the finish, I don't think we stopped laughing. <3 my running family.   This is TMI, but I am strong believer in running commando, but this time it didn't work out so well:( I was on the chafe pain train from mile 3 on. Lesson learned. ouch. Has this happened to anyone else.  THE PAIN IS REAL. 

Total weekly mileage: 56.08
Total monthly mileage: 138.72

And now for the real reason I'm sure you are visting my page today! I was blown away by reaching 5k thousand followers on Instagram! I joined to connect to runners when I started running and I can't believe how many wonderful people have come into my life and how inspired I am on the daily by all of you! Keep on rockin!! Thank you all so much for following along my running (and life) journey and for entering!! The winner of my giveaway isssssssss:
Congrats Kate!!! Please send me an email ( with your address and you'll be getting some sweet goods soon!!

PS: If you haven't checked out my fundraising page for the NYC half marathon, please head over to page HERE! I am so grateful to everyone who has donated and for future donations! Thank you so much!!

Happy MLK day freindz! Happy Running!

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