Wednesday, January 27, 2016

New Jersey Marathon Training 1/18-1/24

I usually title this 'Monday Miles,' but since it's Wednesday, I'm not going to.  I know it's a few days later, but I hope everyone had a great weekend! Our was busy, but fun! Sunday we packed up and drove 2.5 hours to Stamford, CT.  SOMEONE forgot to get a new passport with their new last name on it. At the beginning of January when I remembered, I also couldn't find out marriage license.  DOH.  I did end up finding it, but by that point I wasn't leaving it to chance for a new one to get here on time.  So Monday morning I had an appointment at the passport agency for a new one.  It was pretty seamless and I'm the proud owner of a new passport.  Anyways, that threw off my whole week and now it's Wednesday and I know you're all dying to know how my training went! Kidding. I'm gonna tell ya anyways, cause that's what I do! And just wanted to share this little gem from out long run the other weekend! I love this gang!

Monday: Rest day!! It was Martin Luther King day and Tyler had to head to CT for a project, so I went and filled up the car and got coffee and croissants!
Tuesday: easy paced run + 1 hour strength class
AM: 6.07 miles/ 53:17/8:47 pace 
Met Allison at 5:00am and it was SO COLD!!!! 
This was from later on in the morning.  When we went it was even colder!! Ready for spring!
We headed to a strength class after our run! It was so cold alllll morning!! 
PM: 6.0 miles/ 50:59/8:30 pace
It was still so cold out! Super super windy and about 9 out.  I really wanted to get my sweat on and not freeze, so I headed to the gym! Okay, the main reason was I got new shorts and really wanted to wear them! 

12 total miles for Tuesday! 

Wednesday: Speed work!
Met up with our run group at 6 and did a 4 mile warmup.
8x :40sec hill repeats w/ super slow recoveries back down hill
3x 3-2-1 fartlek -- goal- 7:20, 7:12, 6:56
1st set-7:20, 7:00, 6:51
2nd set-- 7:10, 7:14, 6:58
3rd set-- 7:07, 7:05, 6:29
cool down to finish up miles
10 miles/1:26:10/8:36 pace

Plus I finally got a new phone!! Super fahncy! 

Thursday: Recovery Run + 1 hour strength class
6.0 miles/52:43/8:47 pace
Our group runs start at 6pm on Wednesday, which means I don't get home until around 7:45-8 and still have to shower and eat dinner.  So by time I'm in bed around 1030 and try to fall asleep, my alarm is pretty much already going off at 4:30.  Every Thursday I draaaag myself out of bed, somehow get dressed and I'm out the door by 4:45 to meet Allison at 5. We headed to class right after! We both had PR dead lifts of 175 and PR bench press of 90! We did our strength class a day early this week!

Friday: I usually run and go to class at 530, but I was just too exhausted and when my alarm went off, I texted Allison and we both slept in. The day ended up getting super busy and I just couldn't fit in a run anywhere, so it ended up being a rest day. 

Saturday: 20 mile Long Run
20.06 miles/2:53:17/8:38 pace
Allison, Mike and Allison's brother, Brendan, came downtown to start our run.  It was 7 out and pretty windy. Have I mentioned that I'm ready for spring?! We headed up State St (which has an elevation gain of 184 the entire mile) and ran a slightly hilly route.  We finished up our miles at Cider Belly Doughnuts, which was not a coincidence.  We planned that. It was a genius idea!

I didn't want Tyler to feel left out, I grabbed some for him too :)

I refueled up back at home with some eggs, toast, coffee and fresh squeezed OJ. 
Sunday: Recovery run
12 miles/1:53::37/9:28
I had every intention to head out at 7am to get 6 miles in before Allison and I met to finish the last 6, but when I woke up and the real feel was 3, I just couldn't drag myself out there.  I waited a little while and then headed out and pretty much rode the struggle bus. 

Once I finished up, we headed out CT and had some delicious lunch & bloody marys, officially became the new owners of a coffee shop in Windham NY that will be a new Stacks Espresso Bar location and celebrated, among many other things, my 1st 60 mile training week with margs. 

Total weekly mileage: 60.16
Miles MTD: 198.88
Miles YTD: 198.88

That's all folks!
How's your training going? 
Anything special you did this weekend that's worth mentioning?

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Happy Running Friendzzz!

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