Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hi. Hey. What's Up? Still here :)

Hello friends!! Have you missed me?  I'm sure you've been dying to know what's been going on with me :) I figured since it's race week, I should throw a little training update/life update your way.  So here ya go!

Here's a look at what my training has looked like and some bonus life updates! WEEEEEEE :

JANUARY- Total Miles 252.01
12/28-1/2     50.07 miles (17 mile LR)
1/4-1/10       51.74 miles (18 mile LR)
1/11-1/17     56.08 miles (15 mile LR)
1/18-1/24     60.16 miles (20 mile LR)
1/25-1/31     53.13 miles (15 mile LR)

Nothing realllly exciting happened and my blog was up to date for the most part.  Weather was FREEZING.  Just miserably cold.  
 And I wouldn't have made it through with my twin <3 love you times a million! 

FEBRUARY - Total Miles 202.68 
2/1-2/7          25.13 (on vacation) (no LR)
2/8-2/14        50.01 (20 mile LR)
2/15-2/21      60.00 (17 mile LR)
2/22-2/28      62.32 (20 mile LR)

This month was a whirlwind. For a good 3 weeks I lost all motivation and desire to run. I still was out there running, but I didn't want to be. THANKFULLY it returned around the 13th.  It's been sticking around too :)

We went to Costa Rica for a full week. 

It was very cold when we got back

My FIL was in the hospital for the whole month of February with some serious serious health complications. 
We took a quick business trip to NYC 2 days after we got home from CR. 

My husband and I share a car, so the going back and forth to the hospital usually left one of us without a vehicle, so I spent a few runs on the treadmill

Our car decided to start spazzing out and literally every morning I'd go to leave to meet Allison for our run, the car would be dead. 
This little bundle of joy arrived. 
Made it through another month of freezing cold with my run buds :)

MARCH Total Miles - TBD
2/29-3/6         56.59 (14 mile recovery LR)
3/7-3/13         48.25 ( 22 mile LR)

March is off to a great start! 
I've been able to wear shorts a few times!
Met up with some Oiselle bird mates for a run 
Took selfies with the dogs on some really lovely long walks.. 
 And helped throw my bestie the cutest baby shower, with lots of champagne and sparkling cider ;) 

WELL, I hoped you enjoyed alllll the pictures and some updates!  I'm off to finish up the last bit of work before heading to speed group tonight! Last hard workout before hitting the streets of NYC this weekend!! I also just wanted to thank all of you.  My running friends and family have been so supportive of me in my efforts with Every Mother counts and reaching out to me with kind words from my last blog post. It truly touched my heart to receive those donations and words or encouragement. They mean the world to me.  Thank you!

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