Thursday, March 24, 2016

Last Weeks Training and A Change to Race Plans

Hello sweet friends!! Thanks for stopping over and checking in!  First things first (I'm the realest. does everyone do that? probably. lame.) , I'm sure some of you are wondering why, at the last minute, I cancelled my plans to run the NYC half. And if you weren't wondering, Imma tell you anyways! Kay? Kay :)

I woke up Friday morning to a ton of text messages in a group chat from my coach and some other teammates who were planning to run.  The weather Friday morning was showing 90% chance of snow Saturday PM and all day Sunday (3-5 inches), 20 mph winds and cold.  Weather has never been the factor to not run, so it never crossed my mind.  Yeah it'd be cold and probably be miserable, but when my coach suggested I defer and run Syracuse 2 weeks later, I really had something to think about!  Normally, I would've gone out and just ran the miles, got a medal and finished up my mileage for the day if the weather was less than ideal and not really great for a PR, but traveling to NYC for that wasn't ideal.  Our hotel was almost $400, $200 train tickets, taxis, meals, expo, etc.  The cost adds up so fast! I was so conflicted with deciding. I texted 2 other teammates who were running and we just couldn't decided.  Not running a race because of POTENTIAL bad weather seemed so LAME.   I signed up for this race, did fundraising and felt like I had a good shot at PR.  I finally just asked my coach flat out to tell me what to do and he told me to run Syracuse.  So that's what I chose.   I emailed my fundraising director to ask if I could transfer the funds to Syracuse and she assured me it was fine and that wasn't a problem.  I had to cancel all my plans that morning (Friday) or else I'd be out $600.  If I had some more time decide, I'm honestly not sure if I'd make the same decision.  But I am happy that I made the choice and I am so excited to run the Syracuse Half next weekend! ALSO--it ended up not snowing and being perfect weather in NYC on Sunday. Cest la vie. It wasn't a total bust of a weekend as I got to spend time with family and finally broke 21:00 at a local 5k (and my mom was there to capture it).

Here's a look a my training from last week!!!
Monday- Off
Tuesday- 6 mile recovery/easy pace/8:30 pace + strength class
Wednesday- 9 miles/8:14 pace with workout-- 8x3 min at GHMP(7:21-7;32) with 60 second recovery in between each. Hit each one slightly under goal pace! Felt so pumped after this workout and ready for NYC. 
It poured on us the entire time pretty much. 
Thursday-7 mile recovery/8:44 pace + AM strength class

Friday - 7 easy miles/8:59 pace

Saturday- Off
Sunday- 15 miles/8:00ish overall pace w/ 5k race
 When I canceled NYC, I knew I needed SOMETHING on my calendar for March.  I found a local 5k and signed up.  It was my first race of the season/year and I was super nervous.  I hadn't raced since early November.  My goal last summer was a sub :21 min 5k and I fell just short of that in August.  21:25 was the time to beat!  I did a 2 mile warm-up and met up some
 teammates.  There was no timing chip, only a mat.  I was feeling good!  It was 21 out, real feel of 13 and a good headwind.  I took off all my warm-up clothes right before the start and the horn blew and we took off!  Colleen and I stayed stride for stride with each other for pretty much the entire race.  We finished first and second female overall and 3rd and 4th finishers overall.  I came in at 20:14/6:33 pace.  I might have been gasping for breath at the end, but I was so pumped to reach that goal!  Colleen was literally right behind me and snagged an even faster PR from just 2 weeks before! We had a great turn out from our team too, almost everyone got a PR and placed in their age groups! GO TEAM NARK!!!! A couple of us finished up our miles and ended the morning with 15 miles total. 

44 miles for the week

That's all folks!! Thanks again for stopping by!!! <3 <3
Happy Running!

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