Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Boston Marathon Training- Week 1 !!

Hellllllllo :) Well, it has been some time since my last update.  I just finished my first week of Boston Marathon training!!! SQEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I can not believe it has started/that I'm running the Boston MARATHON!!!!!! I have some big goals for Boston! That is my main focus this training period!!  I'd like a shiny new 5k and half marathon PR, but my goal in Boston is sub 3:20.

  I know my training was there for my fall marathon(s), but I think my training was a little long and might have peaked at the Mohawk Hudson Half marathon (1:32:58) which was 3 weeks before I ran the Marine Corps Marathon ( 3:24:50---a 2:30 min PR).  I was feeling a little discouraged because my training reflected faster, so at the very last minute I signed up to run the Philadelphia Marathon at the end of November.  I ran a 3:24:44 and that was the end of my season.   After chatting with my coach, we both agreed a 16 week plan was best and we would be focusing on keeping training a little reserved at first. I took a few weeks off aka easy running and upped my strength classes.  So many of you had followed along on my journey to qualify for the Boston Marathon and now I'm back and sharing my training for the 2017 Boston Marathon!!!!!!
Mohawk Hudson Half Marathon 

Marine Corps Marathon 10/30
Philadelphia Marathon 11/24

Week 1:
Monday- Easy Run [4 miles - 31:53] + strength class
Tuesday- Strength Class
Wednesday- 4-3-2-1 Fartlek : 4 min @ GMP (3 min easy) 3 min @ Steady State (2 min easy) 2 min @ half pace (1 min easy) 1 min fast (3 min easy) repeat x2  [I use the McRun app to get my paces.  I added 1 minute to my current 5k PR] 9 miles 1:14:12--------Everyone was decked out in their Christmas gear!
Thursday-Recovery run [6 miles- 52:12] + strength class
Friday- Long run [10 miles- 1:24:53] + strength class

Saturday- 1,600yd swim
Sunday- Easy run [4.12 miles-31:53]

Total miles: 34.10~ 5:18:49  
4 Strength classes
1 swim

That's all for now friends!!! Thank you for sticking around and I am so excited to share this with you!

Happy Running Friends!

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