Sunday, January 8, 2017

Boston Marathon Training-----Week 2 & 3

Hello friends and happy Sunday!! I am finally warm after showering and zipping up my yeti! Weeeee!!! It is cold here in upstate New York.  Hope everyone had a great weekend and some great runs!! Here's a rundown of my training from the last 2 weeks!

First, the way I find out my paces is by using the McRun app.  I plug in my 5k PR & add :60 seconds to it at this point in my training.  It is worth the $5! You'll be able to find out every single pace you should be running for recovery runs, easy runs, long runs, track paces, steady state paces, etc. GO BUY IT! 

TUESDAY: 6.05 easy mi[8:19 pace] + strength class
WEDNESDAY: 10.08 mi
Fartlek/CP System Hybrid 
2 miles up
A. 1 x 3-2-1 Fartlek @ Steady State - Half - 10K paces w equal recs 
B. 2 x Lunge jumps/squats jumps (8reps each)
-5 min jogging recovery-
C. 6-8 x short FAST 10-15 sec hills w walk down recs and a 2 min full rec jog on every other reps
D. Repeat A from Above and then easy recovery running to finish miles
THURSDAY: 6 mi recovery run[8:53 pace] + strength class
FRIDAY: 5.3 easy miles[8:42 pace] + strength class
SATURDAY: 1,325 yd swim + 13.03 mi Long run [hilly route, 8:20 pace]

RUN: 5 Runs -- 40.5 mi [5:46:53]
SWIM: 1 [1,325 yd]

MONDAY:  6 mi recovery[8:50 pace] + Strength class
TUESDAY: 6 mi easy[ 8:21 pace] + Strength class
WEDNESDAY: Speedwork- 10.67 mi 
Workout Description:
A. W/up 2 miles
B. 5-7 x Short (13 secs) Hills w walk down recs and NO alternating rec jogs.
-5 min recovery jog-
C. 3-5 x 30 secs hill rep @ repish pace w 60 sec SLOW recovery jog back
- 5 min recovery jog-
D. 2-4 x 60 secs hill rep @ repish pace w 2 min recs
-5 min recovery jog-
E. 1-2 x 10 Mins @ Steady State Pace w 2 min recs
Cooldown remainder of miles

THURSDAY: 7 mi recovery[8:57 pace] + Strength class
SATURDAY: 17 mi Long [8:19 pace] 

SUNDAY: 2,025 yd swim + 6 mi recovery[9:03 pace]

RUN: 6 runs [52.7 mi, 7:33:43]
SWIM: 1 [ 2.025 yds]

I can't believe I'm coming up on week 4 of training! I always feel like the first 2 weeks take a bit to get back in the swing of things.  I'm back in the groove and look forward to every run, even when it's 9 degrees :) I much prefer training in the winter vs. training in the summer.  What do you prefer!? What are you training for? I have loved sharing so many miles with so many of my friends who are also training for Boston.  It's going to be an amazing experience and I'm so excited to share it with all of you!! 

Until next week, Happy Running Friends!

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