Tuesday, April 25, 2017

BOSTON PART II- Weekend Activities!

If you missed my first post re Boston, make sure to check it out here!  I've been in Boston twice prior for marathon weekend and the energy is just electric!  It was probably 100x more electric being there as a runner.  You are seriously treated like a celebrity and the people of Boston really are SO grateful that you're there running in this historic race.  I made me appreciate it even more than I had (if that's even possible!)  On our way to the Red Sox game Saturday the guy driving the T we were on came over the loud speaker and thanked everyone on who was running Monday and how much it meant to the city. Tears. I just love Boston.
One of these signs is on it's way to me & I'm so excited for it!
We headed for Boston Friday around 11.  We're about a 2.5 drive and the drive always flys by.  I packed my own lunch and bunch of snacks!  Our first stop was Hopkinton to see the famous sign!
My plan was to drive the course, but I got us lost somewhere around mile 15 and we ended up driving the Newton Hills backwards and then just headed to our hotel.  Hahaha I have zero sense of direction.  Once we checked in we took Tucker (yes we brought one of our dogs with us!), I checked out the Adidas run base and then we picked up a lobster roll for Tyler!  We headed back and just vegged out the rest of the night!

Saturday I slept in a little and then got ready to head over to the BAA 5K.  Our hotel was in such a great location and I was able to walk everywhere pretty quickly.  

The 5k was stressful because I started SO far back and I was running super easy.  Unless I'm racing it again at some point, I won't be doing that again!  BUT I did get to see & meet SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many people +  run with Jon ( IG jwlevitt) & Jenny ( IG jennyrunstheworld) which was a freaking blast and it pretty much made my morning! It was so fun!

Top L to Bottom right- Colleen, Jenny, Me & Cait! Me & Jon! Dana & I, Oiselle Group Pic!

After that, I showered and headed to the expo with Colleen (IG CMFNP04) to pick up our bibs around noon!  It was SO awesome standing in that line waiting to get our bibs knowing we were one step closer to race day! I loved getting to experience this whole day with one of my fave people! I just love this lady so much!

Clearly not excited or happy at all :)

Everything you hear about the expo is true! It's HUGE & amazing! I am not a huge fan of big crowds and after 2 hours I had had enough!  I had wanted a few things from Adidas, but it was a mad house &the line was an hour long :( after standing in line for about 10 min I gave up and went back to the hotel to grab some food with my mom & hubs.  We hung out for about an hour then headed out to check out the finish line and to Fenway for the Red Sox game! 

After the game, my mom and Greg headed back to Newton to their hotel and the Hubs and grabbed dinner to eat in bed :)  I had a margarita pizza from California Pizza kitchen and it was delicious.  If you follow me on IG, you know I have an affinity for pizza :) 

Sunday I met up with Anna ( IG petiterunnermom ) and headed to the finish line for an IG meetup/shakeout run.  OH MY GOSH. It was the best!  I met so many people IRL that I've been following for so long! Bettina ( IG bettinarunswi ) & I started chatting and realized we had the same goal and that we'd plan to run together on Monday!  

After that, I headed to the expo to pick up the things I had left behind the day before.  It was glorious. 

My mom and greg arrived & we all headed to brunch at the Bostonia Public House.  My MIL, SIL, BIL, niece and nephew all came too.  It was SO nice. 

Everyone else hung out around the harbor for awhile after, but I opted for heading back to the hotel to relax and get things organized.   We had some time to chill out before heading to dinner.

Colleen headed over and we all walked to The Salty Pig for dinner!  On Sndays they do 'Sauce Sundays' so I figured we'd find something perfect for our pre-race meals! ( I made a lot of these reservations ahead of time, which I advise doing!) 
Once dinner was over, we parted ways and I headed back to the hotel to get everything laid our and ready for the morning.  I got really great sleep in the week and days leading up to Boston, which was so welcome & needed.  I never felt anything but extreme excitement until I got back to the hotel that night and looked out the window.  From our window you could see the finish area & the citgo sign.  The nerves rushed over me.  I was actually running Boston in the morning. 


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