Thursday, April 27, 2017


"You start as a runner. You finish as a Boston Marathoner." 

As soon as I crossed the finish line the tears came! I was SO proud of myself.  I did it! I hadn't looked at my watch after mile 21 so I had NO idea what my finish time was.  Once I paused my watch, it took a few minutes for it to save and I saw 3:18:09 and I couldn't believe it.  I knew my splits were pretty close to my pace band, but it was awesome to see that time on my watch.  I had a rough year of training last year and my marathon times weren't reflecting the work I was putting in, so this was the big marathon PR I needed and worked my butt off for.  It's a long walk down the street once you cross.  First you get your medal, where I cried again and was asked for 10th time if I was okay (seriously the volunteers are just amazing!) and then I looked up and saw Rachel!! I can't tell how amazing it was to see a familiar face!

We continued down the road and parted ways so we could find our families!  I got my bag from bag check, called my husband and met my family in the commons! 
Me & the Hubs <3

Me & Momma! How cute is her Boston themed outfit!? 

The best hugs!

SIL, nephew, niece, MIL & Hubs!

I couldn't wait to see these faces at the end!! Everyone went out of their way to be there for me during such a big & amazing moment in my life! I was/am so grateful for them being there!  Then I saw Bettina walking around the park and she hung out with us in the Commons for a bit!
I was still soaking wet and shivering, so after about an hour of hanging out, we said goodbye to my Husbands family and headed back to our hotel.  It was quite the ordeal getting back, but security and everything was really on point and after about a half hour we made it back.  I chatted with my mom & Greg for a bit before they headed back home and I hoped in the shower.  Hubs and I headed out to grab dinner and check out the mile 27 party.  Everywhere we went was packed & LOUD.  Finally we were able to grab a table at Beer Works so I could get my cheeseburger, regular fries & a beer! 
I was only drink half of this small beer.  Zero tolerance now
After that, we headed to Fenway for the Mile 27 Party!

Also only had 3 sips of this beer and tossed the rest :/ lame 

I just love this guy <3

We didn't stay very long because the grandstands weren't open and the line to get onto the field was right next to a band playing.  It was just too loud for me (I always get a headache after hard runs or long races + was verrrrry dehydrated) so we headed back to our hotel.
I will never look at the Citgo sign the same again! <3
The next morning I slept in a bit & once I got up, holy cow, my body was so sore.  I  also couldn't wear shoes because both feet were completely beat up.  
Somehow cut my the side of my left foot at some point in the race

Right big toe completely bruised & started really hurting around mile 14 
We packed up, grabbed some coffee and walked over to marathon sports to get my medal engraved and pick up a few things before heading home! The line was long, but went really quick.  It took about an hour from the time I dropped it off & was able to pick it back up.  A lot of the shirts were 50% off and they were doing free screen printing for any shirt you bought!
Marathon Sports was doing free screen printing!

Medal engraved! 
I was definitely the most sore I've ever been after a marathon.   It took me a few days to bounce back and feel better from being dehydrated and I couldn't wear shoes for almost a week.  All worth it!  Wednesday I went in for a post race massage & then met up with Dennis, Allie, Colleen, Erika & Britney for dinner & to see Boston! It was so so so amazing.  I really hope it's available on netflix or DVD soon!

Well, that's all :)  I wish I could redo this amazing weekend every weekend.  I've really loved just chattering away again on here, so you can expect more regular posts! Although now that I won't be training for awhile, I'm sure they'll be pretty boring :)  I'll be recovering and running easy until mid-summer.  I have some big goals for the fall and I'm excited to get back to work after much needed break!  I took a week off & will just be running low & easy miles.  Thank you so much to everyone who's been following my quest for Boston from the beginning, to everyone routing me on, and for everyone stopping by to read!  For now, I'll just be reveling in some post- Boston bliss :) 


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